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CEO of NUC Sports, Founder of Success For Life Podcast, and Football Head Coach

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Self Preservation As A Means To Help You Succeed

Aug 26, 20197 minutes

Coach Schuman discusses how self preservation by using your understanding information you want to allow into your life as a filtering process to figure out the best inforation to help you succeed and grow.

See more at www.successforlifepodcast.com www.NUCsports.com @nucfootball on twitter @daveschuman on instagram @nuc_football on Instagram

Getting Around And Handling Positive And Negative Magnetism

Aug 19, 20196 minutes

how to identify and bring in the right people in your life

Making Big Dreams A Reality- on Location

Aug 12, 2019

Coach Schuman talks about how to do it

It's So Important to Choose A Profession That You Love

Aug 5, 20197 minutes

Why Doing What You Love Is Important to your Livelihood

The Five Most Important Things Kids Need To Learn

Jul 6, 201910 minutes

Not Taught In School But In Sports and Football

Having Patience and Empathy with People and Your Athlete's Surroundings

Jun 30, 20194 minutes

For Parents and Athletes The World Is Not Only About You

Don’t Fear Corrections but Welcome Them and Learn

Jun 27, 2019

Handling corrections for rapid learning

The Benefits of Giving Everything You Have

Jun 27, 20193 minutes

Creating No Regrets and Peace of Mind

The Importance Of Good Body Language

Jun 26, 2019

How to convey the right message with your body

Focus on Improving, Competing, Academics and Your Film in Football

Jun 13, 20198 minutes

Getting Things Done Correctly For Recruiting

In football here’s how to get recruited right away and it’s Free!

Jun 11, 2019

Learning how to workout for coaches

Why it’s so important to focus on competition and development not exposure

Jun 10, 2019

Focus on competing and improving

Learning to Outsource Your Business For Scale Interview With Outsourcing Guru Derek Gallimore

Apr 9, 2019

how to outsource the right way and to use it scale

Episode 49: Season 3: Interview w/ Former NFL Player & Football Coach Lakunta Farmer On Handling Bullying and Building Confidence In Students

Feb 23, 201938 minutes

How to build young men and women to be confident and combat bullying

Episode 48: Season 3: Interview with Business Coach, Leader, Author, and Entrepreneur Derrick Furlow Jr.

Feb 18, 201966 minutes

former d1 athlete helps athletes and individuals transition in life to business

Episode 47: Season 3: Interview with Quarterback Coach Extraordinaire Tony Racioppi, QB Coach to The Stars

Feb 10, 201958 minutes

Discuss the technique and mindset of a Championship Quarterback

Episode 46: Season 3: Interview with Author, Football Coach, and Cancer Survivor Joe Lafferty

Feb 8, 201950 minutes

Overcoming the many adversities in your life

Episode 45: Season 3: Success For Life Podcast with TeamDoWit Founder Savon Huggins

Jan 26, 201942 minutes

Learning to Maximize your Ability-For Succes

Episode 44: Season 3: David Schuman's Interview With Elite QB Coach Lamar Mcknight

Jan 12, 201962 minutes

Discuss what it takes to become a great QB

Episode 43: Season 3: David Schuman's Interview on Video Artificial Intelligence w/ Sam Bogoch of Axle AI

Jan 12, 201938 minutes

discussing how Video Artificial Intelligence will Change the world

Epi. 42 | Interview with Financial Wealth Creation Expert Buck Joffrey, MD to Create Uber Wealth Like The Uber Rich

Jul 13, 201846 minutes

Creating Your Wealth Formula For Lifetime Success and Opportunities

Epi. 41 | Amazing Interview with Adventurepreneur & Podcast Star Shelby Stanger

Jul 7, 201858 minutes

Learn how to live the life you envisitioned

Epi. 40 | Dissenting Thoughts Editorial Against Malcolm Gladwell Spreading False Propaganda

Jun 20, 201811 minutes

David Schuman vs Malcolm Gladwell's Propaganda Against Football

Epi 39 | Neil Stratton Interview from Inside The League talking NFL Business..Amazing Interview

Jun 18, 201855 minutes

Learn how to break into the NFL and how to succeed

Epi. 37: Making Multiple Streams Of Income with Single Family Homes- Matt Theriault

Jun 6, 201840 minutes

Showing you how to make a ton of cash with real estate

Epi. 36 | Success For Life Podcast Interview with Car Sales King Chris Martinez, achieve maximum sales growth

May 29, 201838 minutes

learn how to massively grow your sales fast

Epi. 35 | Interview with 2x World Champion in Poker Jonathan Little, learn the secrets to winning in poker

May 27, 201830 minutes

The secrets to winning every day in poker and how to become a champion

Recast: Coach Schuman's appearance on the Nice Guys On Business Podcast on Handling Business Adversity

May 27, 201842 minutes

Showing you how to grow and handle adversity

Epi. 33: How to Take Your Branding To an Elite Level That Converts Into Sales W/ The Brand Doctor Henry Kaminski

May 23, 201848 minutes

Growing your business through elite level branding

Coach Schuman on How to Get Stars In Recruiting

May 10, 20188 minutes

How Do you Get Stars and Exposure

David Schuman: Success for Life Podcast- How to Get Recruited For Football

May 10, 201849 minutes

learn how to get recruited for football

David Schuman's Success For Life Podcast- Talk Yourself Up

Apr 26, 20187 minutes

How self talk can really help you

David Schuman's Success For Life Podcast- Do it -How to taking action makes all the difference

Apr 16, 201812 minutes

How taking action makes all the difference

The Truth For Athletes Who Really Want to Get Recruited

Apr 10, 201820 minutes

understanding what it really takes

David Schuman's Success For Life Podcast-How to Become Your Very Best At Anything You Do

Mar 27, 201812 minutes

The 5 Ways To Improve To Become Your Very Best

David Schuman's Success For Life Podcast- How to Go From Zero To a Million Dollars

Mar 22, 201814 minutes

The Exact Steps to go from Zero Revenue to a Million Dollars

David Schuman's Success For Life Podcast Interview w/ Michigan's Chris Partridge, Special Teams Coordinator/LB Coach

Feb 20, 201746 minutes

Talking becoming a Success Coach and Player at the College level

Episode #19- David Schuman's Success for Life Podcast with Virtual Reality CEO Dennis Adamo Spaceout VR

Feb 6, 201761 minutes

4 Ways to Grow Your Entrepreneurship Venture Into a Big Success

Episode #18-David Schuman's Success for Life Posdcast-3 Keys to Success, 3 Biggest Mistakes with Real Andrews

Jan 29, 201791 minutes

How to create success and avoid errors in gaining success

David Schuman's Success For Life Podcast-Competing not Complaining

Dec 13, 2016

Maximizing your performance by focusing on competing

Episode #16: David Schuman's Success For Life Podcast with Guest Justin Kavanaugh, SSI 

Nov 16, 201666 minutes

Justin talks success in the training industry

DJ Sixsmith Interviewing David Schuman for his Season for Life Podcast

Nov 15, 201617 minutes

Discussing how david schuman built the NUC Sports Empire

#14 David Schuman's Success For Life Podcast W/Franchising Guru Stephen Bienko

Oct 19, 201685 minutes

discussing how to build franchising success

David Schuman's Success for Life Podcast- w/ Kelly Hadous CEO Win the Room Episode #13

Oct 17, 201652 minutes

The art of speaking to your audience & growing your influence

David Schuman's Success for Life Podcast w Serial Entrepreneur, the Sexy Boss Heather Havenwood

Oct 11, 2016

Gaining Personal Freedom Through Entrepreneurship

David Schuman's Success for Life Podcast w Law Entrepreneur and Movie Producer Matt Weiss

Oct 10, 201643 minutes

talks law practice success and his movie "Man in the Red Bandana"

David Schuman's Success for Life Podcast Episode #10, Handling Success & Failures as an Entrepreneur

Sep 29, 201626 minutes

The Mindset in Handling Success, Failures & Family as an Entrepreneur

David Schuman's Success for Life Podcast w/Zybek Sports Founder Mike Weinstein Episode #9

Sep 29, 201648 minutes

startup success, developing an engineering product & growing biz

Life, Learning & Success w/David Schuman Epi. #8 w/Growth Hack Guru Nick Kullin

Sep 25, 201652 minutes

Nick shares techniques that boost sales,leaders & help your biz grow

Life, Learning & Success Podcast w/David Schuman w/ West Coast Sales Director of Facebook, Mark Wallrapp

Sep 21, 201637 minutes

Mark Wallrapp will discuss success,growing sales & how Facebook grew

Life, Learning & Success Podcast w/David Schuman & QB Coach & Guru Jeff Christensen-Episode #6

Sep 20, 201650 minutes

Jeff Christensen breaks down how to become a great QB & leader

Life, Learning & Success Podcast w/David Schuman & Guest Entrepreneur Real Andrews #5

Sep 19, 201643 minutes

Discussing becoming a champion, happiness & how to maximize life

Life, Learning & Success Podcast w/David Schuman & Guest Coach Bob Chmiel-Episode #4

Sep 13, 2016

Coach Chmiel is known as a premier speakers and motivators of athletes

Life, Learning, and Success with David Schuman, Guest Financial Guru Mitchel Krause-Episode #3

Sep 9, 201666 minutes

Mitchel Krause talking Financial Success & Small Business Ownership

Life, Learning, Success, & Business-Episode #1-w/ David Schuman & Guest Former Pro QB and Coach Shane Stafford

Sep 8, 201646 minutes

Amazing life principles on leadership, opportunity, and passion

Life, Learning, & Success-Episode #2 w/David Schuman & Guest- Hall of Fame Track Coach Howard Schuman

Sep 8, 201672 minutes

The guru of motivation & helping others accomplish their dreams

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