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JonathanLittlePoker.com Poker player and author. I teach at http://PokerCoaching.com . Part of @LASmoneymakers, @3BetClothing, @ShareMyPair, @InstaPoker.

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Epi. 35 | Interview with 2x World Champion in Poker Jonathan Little, learn the secrets to winning in poker

May 27, 201830 minutes

This week, David Schuman interviews 2x world champion in poker, Jonathan Little, where we gain amazing insight into how he became a champion and much more. this is a can't miss interview

Topics discussed:

  1. The one secret to winning money consistently in poker
  2. How Jonathan became a champion
  3. The one secret to staying on top and ahead of your competitors
  4. Why becoming a champion in poker is not only about luck and what that secret to becoming great includes

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