David Schuman's Success For Life Podcast-How to Become Your Very Best At Anything You Do

Mar 27, 201812 minutes

This week, David Schuman, cover How to become your very best at anything you do....

Topics discussed:

  • Understanding Your Actionable Goals
  • Understanding the Process
  • Having A Vision
  • Accountability
  • Reward System

The art of doing your very best, I will go through five things that people can do today, that can help you become your very best. One of the biggest mistakes that people make in athletics and business. My main two main focuses are athletics and business, because I’ve being a football coach for almost 16 years, and that for 16 years now, and I’ve operated my business for almost as long. I’ve ridden the highs and lows of that, and as an athlete myself, playing Division one football ,at the University of Connecticut, and riding the highs and lows of being a starter, to be in to being out for a year, to having to come back to being your starter, and grinding to have that success again.

I think I’ve learned a ton about, what it takes to be your very best, and it’s something that’s a daily struggle for every single human being on earth. If you want to successful in what you do then it will always be a challenge. In this article, I want to give you some things that can help you in the process of trying to be your very best.

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