Episode #19- David Schuman's Success for Life Podcast with Virtual Reality CEO Dennis Adamo Spaceout VR

Feb 6, 201761 minutes

This very special podcast with Dennis Adamo will inspire, get the thinking juices flowing and create the conversation of success as an entrepreneur. Dennis and I have known each other since 1999 and the dot com boom and bust. Dennis was the founder back then of Pseudo online radio raising 32 million and then he was a founding partner in one of the first crowdfunding source in 2000. he has done business in russia and led the yahoo russia team in the mid 2000's His experience of becoming an entrepreur in multiple startups and now in his most exciting adventure VR!!. He shares the four things you must have to be successful as an entrepreneur and talks about when you should and shouldnt raise money. He is a leader in the AI/VR/AR space. Dennis was an all american fencer and has always carried the principles of winning and losing and handling that in sports into his business life. You can contact me anytime about this podcast at @nucfootball on twitter @askcoachschu on twitter @askcoachschu on facebook @daveschuman on instagram Success for Life Podcast on Itunes https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/david-schuman-success-for/id1152795483?mt=2 You can find Dennis at spaceoutvr.com and on facebook dennis adamo.

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