David Schuman's Success For Life Podcast-Competing not Complaining

Dec 13, 2016

In this episode i discuss how football players and athletes should develop their competing skills not their complaining skills. it is key for athletes to develop the mental fortitude that will allow them to focus on what they can do to get better and not the negative things that may happen. It is imperative that athletes learn how to master the skill of focusing on their next important task on getting better instead of what they view as what people think about them. In football you cannot control what the coaches think of you, you can only focus on performing at your very best level and then approving upon that. This podcast uniquely focuses on how athletes can do that and why its important.

The relevance can be applied to every single thing you do in business or in sports. It is critical to get the mindset of competing in the marketplace and not focusing on the complaining aspect of what doesnt work. learn from errors and how to improve and stop worrying about why things didnt work.

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