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Episode #16: David Schuman's Success For Life Podcast with Guest Justin Kavanaugh, SSI 

Nov 16, 201666 minutes

David Schuman's Success For Life Podcast with Guest Justin Kavanaugh, SSI  Justin talks success in the training industry and building your clientele. He will discuss working with NFL Players and Much More. On this podcast we discuss Coach Kav's main three areas of success:

  1. Passion
  2. Principles
  3. Purpose and of course I added into that Priorities He discussed and quoted Phil Jackson and how people can work hard and they are still not guaranteed success but if they dont work hard they are guaranteed to fail. He discussed how sports and his family help to drive his entrepreneural spririt and how being a DJ making money at parties as a young man taught him about gaining business. How to cross that business chasm over and over again. You can catch him live @CoachKavanaugh and online www.trainssi.com  SPECIAL GIFTS FOR YOU:  Hold up wait a minute!! As a special gift our NFL Draft Bible Analysis and NUC Sports Magazine Recruiting Analysis will be absolutely free for the next 30 days...Thats right FREEE. use code nuc2015 at http://www.nucsportsmag.com or http://www.nfldraftbible.com  to find out more today!!

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