It's So Important to Choose A Profession That You Love

Aug 5, 20197 minutes

Coach Schuman Discusses why its important to do what you love. In this episode we talk about why your love for what you do will trump any deadend job you dont like. How you will eventually make money because you will work to do whatever you will do.

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Stop Telling Everyone How Different You Are and Show Your Worth

Jul 4, 20192 minutes

Creating Significance

Don’t Fear Corrections but Welcome Them and Learn

Jun 27, 2019

Handling corrections for rapid learning

The Importance Of Good Body Language

Jun 26, 2019

How to convey the right message with your body

Learning to Outsource Your Business For Scale Interview With Outsourcing Guru Derek Gallimore

Apr 9, 2019

how to outsource the right way and to use it scale

Episode 48: Season 3: Interview with Business Coach, Leader, Author, and Entrepreneur Derrick Furlow Jr.

Feb 18, 201966 minutes

former d1 athlete helps athletes and individuals transition in life to business

Episode 46: Season 3: Interview with Author, Football Coach, and Cancer Survivor Joe Lafferty

Feb 8, 201950 minutes

Overcoming the many adversities in your life

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